Goji Berry Volumizing Shampoo

Strengthening and Volumizing

Goji Berry Volumizing Shampoo 400ml

Goji Berry Volumizing Shampoo 1000ml
Suitable for fine, limp hair
Size 250mL/400mL/1000mL
Sustainable 95.8%


Strengthening and Volumizing

With natural foaming agents verified by EU organic organizations, this shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and regulates the sebaceous secretions. The organic goji berry extract provides rich antioxidants to reinforce hair roots and structure. The elastic complex further adds bounce and volume to the hair.

Beauty Ingredients

Certified Organic Goji Berry Extract

Deeply nourishing for the scalp. Antioxidants to strengthen hair roots. An effective scalp metabolism booster.

3D Elastic Complex

Strengthens hair roots and structure. Creates bounce and volume to the hair.

Natural foaming agents verified by EU organic organizations

No environmental hormones. Gentle lather. easy to rinse off without leaving residue.

Beauty Tips

Massage into wet hair and rinse. Follow with O’right Conditioner.