Ginkgo Intensive Hair Cream

Flawless Beauty and Optimum Hair Care

Ginkgo Intensive Hair Cream 100mL
Suitable for color treated, damaged hair
Size 100mL
Sustainable 73.7%

Beauty Features

Flawless Beauty and optimum hair care

With certified organic ginkgo extract and hydrolyzed keratin, this product nourishes hair core, repairs damaged cuticles and provides a protective membrane on the hair surface.

Zero Carbon Commitment

Your beauty, the zero carbon way.
In 2020, O’right achieved carbon neutrality across entire product portfolio to deliver on our promise to protect people and the earth.


Offering the best in green beauty since the very beginning, O’right empowers you to live a committed vegan lifestyle with 100% natural and pure plant-based beauty products that contain no animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients.

Beauty Ingredients

Certified organic gingko leaf extract

Deeply nourishes hair. Reduces hair frizz.

Certified organic rice extract

Delivers moisture to hair. Strengthens hair structure.

Beauty Tips

Apply appropriate amount onto hair evenly, more on hair ends. Long-lasting and no rinse off necessary.