Goji Berry Awakening Essence

Give your skin a rejuvenating recharge

Goji Berry Awakening Essence 180ml
Suitable for all skin types
Size 180mL
Sustainable 99%


Give your skin a rejuvenating recharge

With moisturizing factors made up of ultrafine molecules, this essence is the key to restoring your skin to its youthful state. It softens the outer layer and intensively nourishes dehydrated skin, while revitalizing and boosting skin’s ability to better absorb the serum or concentrate deeper into the skin. Use as the first step in your beauty ritual to capture your youth.

Golden goji berry root:A natural age reversing secret 10 years in the making

Beauty Ingredients

A rejuvenating formula 10 years in the making

Golden goji berry roots 10 years in the making, unearthed from clean water and pure soil into drops of age reversing essence. Give skin the purest pampering for youth beyond your 20s.

Honored with an INCI name

INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is a system of names internationally recognized to identify cosmetic ingredients. Ingredients with a registered INCI name give them competitive advantages in the market.

International Laboratory Certified by TAF in Five Categories

O’right is the first professional hair care brand in Taiwan to be certified by TAF in five categories to perform preservation efficacy testing in accordance with ISO 11930 standards and total aerobic plate count testing, and also the first company nationwide to be internationally certified to perform efficacy testing as well as epidermal hydration, transepidermal water loss and epidermal melanin measurements of human skin.

Published in a British Alternative Medicine Journal

O'right further gained global recognition for our research findings on the age reversing properties of goji berry roots that was published in world-renowned academic journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Goji berry root extract

Revitalizes and improves skin’s ability to adapt to varying environmental conditions.

Blue-green algae moisturizing agent

Promotes regeneration and restores moisture balance. Enhances skin’s ability to absorb and brings out its youthful glow.

Skin renewing enzyme

Strengthens skin protective barrier. Seals in moisture and plumps up skin.

Beauty Secrets

Beauty That Works

Beauty Tips

Method I


Before your daily skin care regimen, pour a few drops on a cotton pad or the palms of your hands. Gently dab or massage into the skin with fingertips to stimulate circulation and awaken your skin.

When to apply?

Before your daily skin care regimen


Before applying makeup or for a quick fix, drench a cotton pad with the essence and layer over cheeks or other dry patches to relieve dry skin and restore its dewy glow. Leave on for 30 seconds to 1 minute before removing.

When to apply?
  1. Before makeup application for better coverage
  2. When skin is in need of a quick fix (e.g., dry, flaky skin or dehydrated skin caused from minor sun exposure)

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