Lemongrass Green Dry Shampoo

Purifying, Refreshing and Soothing

Lemongrass Green Dry Shampoo 180mL
Suitable for normal, oily or scalp with a mild odor.
Size 180mL
USDA Biobased 100%

Beauty Features

Purifying, Refreshing and Soothing

A refreshing cleanser formulated with multiple natural plant extracts to leave scalp feeling fresh and clean. Lemongrass extract helps naturally balance sebum production. Willow bark extract softens rough skin and clears pores. Menthol extracted from fresh mint purifies your scalp, giving it a soothing, cooling sensation.

USDA Certified Biobased Product

Tested by Beta Analytic, the world’s leading radiocarbon dating and biobased content testing laboratory

The USDA Certified Biobased Product label identifies products made from renewable biological resources to promote the circulation of new organic renewable carbon (non-fossil), reduce carbon emissions and maintain ecological balance.

Beauty Ingredients

Lemongrass extract

Balances sebum production. Repairs scalp. Enhances scalp’s protective barrier.

Willow bark extract

Softens rough skin and clears pores. Gently regulates while nourishing and moisturizing scalp.

Mint extract

Menthol extracted from fresh mint. Purifying. refreshing and soothing.

Beauty That Works

Beauty Tips

Hold the bottle approximately 5cm away from the scalp and apply evenly. Gently give your scalp a relaxing massage with fingertips or the O’right Classic Paddle Brush.