Rose Hip Seed Moisturizing Oil

Restoring Vitality and Shine

Rose Hip Seed Moisturizing Oil 100ml

Rose Hip Seed Moisturizing Oil 10ml
Suitable for For color treated, damaged hair
Size 10mL/100mL


Restoring Vitality and Shine

Wild rose hip essence from South America deeply nourishes and repairs hair by preventing split ends and sun, wind, and hair dye damage, while reducing frizz and providing hydrating and replenishing results for ultimate shine and smoothness, restoring hair’s vitality.

Beauty Ingredients

Organic rose hip seed oil

Nourishing and moisturizing wild rose hip oil from South America. Repairs dry. split ends and restores shine. Infused with rich vitamins to keep hair healthy.

Passiflora edulis seed oil

Intensively nourishing with essential oils. Light. refreshing texture for a soft. smooth touch.

Euterpe oleracea fruit oil

Incredible antioxidant properties to restore hair vitality. Nutrient-rich. deep moisturizing. revitalizing ingredients.

Oryza sativa rice bran oil

Rich in nutrients to repair damaged hair. Provides excellent hydration and gentle repair. Reduces static. frizz. and sun damage.

Beauty Tips

100ml: Towel dry hair and apply an appropriate amount onto hair. Blow dry hair after application to boost shine.

10ml: Turn the bottle upside down on your palm, take 1-2 drops and apply on hair ends evenly.